Moringa 100 Grams or 3.8 Full Ounces


  • 100 Grams or close to 4 ounces of ALL NATURAL Powder : Our all natural Moringa powder is grown from the continent of Africa giving us the strongest producing natural resource on the planet. Our Moringa leaves nutrients are tested before harvesting. Our Moringa leaf powder contains chlorophyll level closest to the fresh moringa leaves, Our process require nearly 16.2 Lb. of Fresh leaves to make 1 Lb. of dried green powder. Our Moringa leaf powder exhibit all the characteristics that Moringa should have, NO STICKS, NO YELLOW LEAVES, NO SAND, NO HEAVY METALS.

Suggested USE: Eat 1 and a half teaspoons per day! This will give your body most of the Proteins, Vitamins, Iron, and Potassium needed throughout the day. It also contains 18 amino acids, 46 active antioxidants and 36 anti-inflammatory agents. Our Moringa is the single most plant/herb that possess such nutrients that has ever been discovered by MANKIND!!


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